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"Time, It's Your Most Limited Resource!"

Welcome to RENT-A-SPOUSE, where you will find a variety of services designed to assist in making your personal and professional life easier. Especially with today's fast moving lifestyle, a week feels like it was only a day gone by.

Do you find yourself not having enough time to Clean Your Home, Run Errands, Organize Your Life, Walk the Dog, let alone time to do a Deep Spring-Cleaning or JUST Sit Down?

Do you find yourself NOT having the extra time to complete a Home Project of some sort?

Do you have Hours of "To Do" Lists that are Piling Up as you READ this?

Are you Constantly Called to Be Somewhere Else that has More Priority?

Are you at WAR with SOMEONE because your Strength is NOT in the Domestic or Handy Related Area?

Are you Unable in any manner or Just DON'T Care to Do All the Other Extras Life Calls YOU To Do?

Does someone you know DESERVE a Break or NEED Help getting things DONE?

Would you love to have the free time to enjoy things that matter more to you? Like:

  • Being able to have some fun with your friends and loved ones
  • Relax in your comfy sofa and finish that book you keep putting off
  • Work on Other Specific Goals that have Higher Precedence
  • Have the Extra Hands You Need to Get a Personal or Professional Project DONE
  • Spend Real Quality Time on Yourself or with Your Family, without having to worry about any type of "To Do" lists before the week or weekend is over.
  • Get Assistance while still being INDEPENDENT

At RENT-A-SPOUSE, we believe time is precious, so we've designed a company that caters to pampering our client's with the best services for today's active lifestyles, along with services that are there to fill an exact need.

When you speak with a RENT-A-SPOUSE consultant, you can rest assure in knowing that you will find a courteous consultant who will assist you in finding the best service package for you at a fair price. Come and be a part of the RENT-A-SPOUSE family as so many have already.

"Let our Spouses do it for you, so you can enjoy your free time."

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